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Hello! I'm Emily, and I'm a student currently in my final years of schooling. Here is a blog dedicated to study tips, tricks, motivation and advice!

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“If you have never experienced the “done early” high, you shouldn’t knock it. It’s a fabulous feeling to look at a beastly deadline and know that you were finished long before the midnight hour, especially when you see your colleagues slaving away at 2 a.m. in a state of panic while you head out for a Playstation tournament instead.”

Hello muses ^_^

I’m studying for my exams rn and I need to put this blog on hiatus to keep on top of everything - sorry! I’ll be back in a month. Feel free to keep sending in questions and submissions, just know it might take me a while to get to them. Thank you xo

P.S. My queue is still going!

Your blog is amazing! :)

Thank you! ^_^

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This is my new favorite blog. :)

Thank you so much! ^_^


i was working on a review engagement today — my coworker was so happy for me because apparently it’s really hard to get review hours which count towards ”other assurance”.  I need to start applying to other firms — i mustn’t forget that this is only a stepping stone.  But while I’m here, I have to absorb as much as i can.
i’ll have to ask for study leave in nov/dec to write my first challenge exam. 
Also, my coworker gave me past UFE papers today <3


If only I purchased a copy of Othello with larger margins…

You have to be odd to be number one.


Dr. Seuss

This changed me

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Finals in eight weeks! Aah, I need more time.


Getting shit done in the library - hellooo inorganic molecules


English vocabs + mediation
( zero motivation today )